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Financial Information 2024 - 2025

OTHER COSTS: In addition to the above fees, costs that are billed each month include Kingdom Kids fees, Participation Fees, and Grade Level Trips (see explanation below). Various expenses throughout the school year that are NOT billed, but require payment for services or products may include, but are not limited to: school t-shirts, field trips, Mission Day, AP books/exams, ACS memorabilia items, club dues/expenses, student parking, yearbook, lunch, senior retreat, class ring, school pictures, sports team/individual pictures, summer athletic camps, and enrollment/registration fees.

PARTICIPATION FEES: The following additional fees are billed accordingly and will be communicated in advance by the trip sponsor, chaperone or coach. Payment for services or products, may include, but are not limited to the following:

● Grade Level Trips (Every other school year) (WILL TAKE PLACE IN 2024-2025 SCHOOL YEAR)

○ 6th -7th Grade Barrier Island $325: payment billed monthly and due one month prior to trip.

○ 8th -9th Grade Washington DC $850: payment billed monthly and due one month prior to trip.

○ 10th -11th Grade Creation Museum/Ark Trip $850: payment billed monthly and due one month prior to trip.

● Grade Level Trips (Every school year)

○ 12th Grade Senior Trip $1700: payment billed monthly and due one month prior to trip.

● Fall/Winter/Spring Athletic Teams

○ Athletic fee: $50 per sport per student; ALL grades


● Enrollment at ACS is a commitment for the entire year.

● Parents who wish to withdraw their student from school must notify the Administrator in order to initiate withdrawal procedures.

● All outstanding bills are to be paid and all textbooks and ACS materials returned before school records, grades or transcripts can be released to any school or institution.

● Parent-choice withdrawal is defined as withdrawal for any reason other than 1) parental job change or transfer which results in the student relocating more than 50 miles from the campus, or 2) termination of enrollment by administration (expulsion, etc.).

TUITION PAYMENT PLANS: We offer two options: Annual Plan(Payment In Full) or Monthly Plan(12 Equal Payments June-May).Discount applies ONLY if payment is received by specified due date. A $25.00 penalty fee will be incurred for payment plan changes after June 1.

● Annual Plan - 1.5% discount; prepayment of all tuition by June 1st.

● Monthly Plan – amount varies depending on grade level.


● Family Discount: For a family with more than one child enrolled, a 15% discount for each additional child will be given. If a family is granted financial aid, only the greater discount applies. The two discounts are not cumulative.

● Senior Pastor Discount: 20% discount given to a senior pastor of an established church. Two discounts are not cumulative.

● Military Discount: 15% discount given to active, reserves, retired, veteran, and honorably discharged service members. (must be a parent, step-parent, or guardian of ACS student) Two discounts are not cumulative.

● Fourth Child Tuition Free. Responsible for fees only.

TUITION ASSISTANCE: Applications for tuition assistance are available beginning February 1. Tuition Assistance is not available for students in K3 or K4. Applications for re enrolling students must be submitted by April 30. New student applications must be submitted by August 1. Due to limited funds, this will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

BILLING: All billing must be completed through FACTS Management. Due dates options are the 5th , 10th , 15th , and 20th of each month. If you are on a bi-monthly plan, you may pick two of these dates. ALL payments made after the 20th will be assessed a $25.00 late fee. For any account that is not in good standing the school administration has the right to remove student(s) from class rosters until the account is current. All return checks will be charged a $35.00 Return Check Fee in addition to the check amount.


● Accounts 30 days past due will be restricted from charging other fees such as athletic charges, KK charges, etc.

● Accounts must also be current (no outstanding charges beyond 30 days) at the following check-points during the year:

⮚ Re-enrollment – account must be current before re-enrollment is accepted.

⮚ Beginning of school – accounts must be paid through July before student(s) may attend school.

⮚ Upon the releasing of report cards at the end of each nine-week period.

⮚ Second semester – account must be paid through December before student(s) may return to school after Christmas break.

⮚ Withdrawal – no transcripts or grades (official or unofficial) will be released until account is paid in full. The new school will be notified if a student has a failing status.

⮚ Preschool End of the Year Program/Kindergarten Graduation – no student will be allowed to participate in the ceremony unless the account is current.

⮚ Seniors will not receive a diploma or be able to participate in the ceremony unless the account is paid in full.

⮚ Year-end – the account must be paid through May for the final report card to be released. ⮚ All major trips must be paid in full before departure.

⮚ All athletic fees must be paid in full before uniforms are issued.

⮚ All accounts must be current in order for student(s) to participate in any extracurricular activities including sports.

TAX-DEDUCTIBLE GIFTS: If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution toward the tuition assistance fund to help deserving families attend Anderson Christian School, please contact the office.

EXTENDED CARE: The Kingdom Kids program is only available for ACS students during the school year. A separate application for Kingdom Kids must be submitted (1 per student) with school application in order to reserve a space in the program. Kingdom Kids fees are billed weekly. Kingdom Kids must be paid when invoiced by the due date. Accounts that become delinquent will not be allowed to continue to stay until the account is current.


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